True Love Started Online: James and Yet Wha’s Toyboy Warehouse Story

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James & Yet Wha

Known publicly for Channel 5’s Age Gap Love, James and Yet Wha are the perfect couple since meeting on Toyboy Warehouse in 2012. Though they had to face challenges along the road to finding love: each saw past relationships fail, overcame personal challenges, but never looked back from their age gap romance…

James dated older women before, almost marrying once. A series of bad relationships followed but despite some setbacks James didn’t lose sight of the older woman of his dreams.

Yet Wha too had bad relationships that had started to leave her feeling apprehensive. Still, younger men were the natural counterpart to her youthful outlook and she enjoyed the buzz and excitement of dating them.

It was a matter of finding a site that suited their expectations.

‘I was searching for an older woman site but on the market there were sites which have many fronts that then shoved you into the same pool,’ explains James. ‘As a skilled IT specialist I started noticing what sort of sites were doing this.’

Yet Wha too had joined other dating sites but never found what she was looking for: ‘I realised that I was not getting in touch with younger men who I really want to meet.’

Both turned to Toyboy Warehouse to find the right partner.

When they discovered each other they took things slowly. First a wink, then a card, soon they were messaging back and forth until they decided to meet in Yet Wha’s home town of Norwich. A weekend brought them closer together, so when circumstances soon became more difficult they remained in contact and developed their connection emotionally before physically. This is something they credit with having made their relationship that much stronger.

Supporting each other, the two later decided to share a home while James started his life again in Norwich. What began as a temporary arrangement became permanent when neither wanted to be apart.

Since then their careers and relationship have flourished. Their future plans look promising as they prepare to visit Hong Kong, the home of Yet Wha’s family. Now they find themselves at the start of a true adventure, knowing they’ve found the perfect companion.

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