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Over 60 Dating: Life Gets Even Sexier After Sixty

While younger generations date like it’s going out of fashion, at Toyboy Warehouse we know that dating gets even finer with age. Our philosophy is simple: love is ageless, but years empower women. Our dating site is unique because it was created for older women to help them find men at least a year younger, giving them a chance at keeping up with the more sophisticated woman.

What makes Toyboy Warehouse different?

There are lots of websites made specifically for older generations to meet and date, but not of them are anywhere near as much fun. You may know us as the most popular dating site for toyboys in the UK. Our name is light-hearted because that’s what we think love should be. But we know a lot about mature dating and the benefits of age.

Meet women over 60

For the younger toyboy

There are many reasons why you might be considering an older partner at a young age. Like the extra sophistication and experience that comes with years, the chance to enjoy a relationship that will stretch and amaze you, the attention of a sexy older woman. You may have already dated older women, but if not, you’re sure to find an unforgettable experience.

For the older toyboy

We believe whatever your age, you’re never too old to be a toyboy. We have members of many ages and they find success and happiness at Toyboy Warehouse. If you’re used to dating older women, you’ll know that they’re addictive. If you’ve only ever had younger partners, prepare to change your mind permanently.

Meet mature younger men

Age effects women in a different way to men. From the beginning of womanhood we have a sense that our value and attractiveness is attached to our age and beauty. But the reality is, age makes us smarter, more dynamic, and reminds us not to waste time settling for less than we deserve. Whatever your history, join a site full of men who know that that’s what makes you an even more unique partner.

It’s a myth that getting older means slowing down and letting your expectations slide. You might want different things from life now with regards to goals and adventures, but that means you’re looking for that extra thing that makes life even better. Companions don’t need to fit a check-list, they need to compliment who you are. No one does so better than a younger man.

Fun and convenience converge There are few senior dating sites that can offer this much fun, as well as the ease of dating nearby. We have a large and rapidly growing community and advanced searches, which, combined with a membership made up of like-minded and intriguing singles makes for an exciting combination indeed.

Dating designed for you Toyboy Warehouse with the needs of an older audience in mind. In short, we give you a service that’s warm and well-designed, a community that’s friendly and irreplaceable and the ideas and support to follow what you’ve always wanted.

Find love, lust & romance Whether you’re looking for love, laughs or a deep connection, you’ll find more here than on any other site. As well as meeting attractive and mature younger men, many women meet new friends among the community of our website.

“Online dating is still very new to me and I’m surprised by the results already. Despite initial reservation, I knew quickly that Toyboy Warehouse was for me. It has an upbeat spirit but a heart that knows the value of maturity. Rarely have I met so many like-minded people in one place and I’ve found dates as well as friends.” Janice, 62

“I started seeing a member of Toyboy Warehouse in 2011 that’s 28 years my senior and a few people told me that it would never last. Guess what? We’re still together. We’ve found a lasting, valuable, intense connection. Nowadays people are getting past these judgements and it’s thanks to websites like this.” Chris, 37

“Being single in my 60s was a daunting prospect, especially after the passing-away of my long-term partner. What does anyone have to offer me that I haven’t seen before? But younger men have shown me to seize the moment, enjoy each day and accept myself as attractive. A partner the same age just wouldn’t have improved my confidence this way.” Elsa, 65

“I had no idea toyboy dating was available online for men who were over the age of 30 but it took many years, and a failed marriage, to convince me to go after what I had always wanted deep down. Older women have made me happier than younger partners ever could and I’m so glad I didn’t count myself out because of age.” Robert, 60

Toyboy Warehouse is the best place for toyboys and older women to meet and puts the fun back into dating over 60.

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