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Toyboy Warehouse: The UK’s Biggest Site for Dating Women Over 40 

Over 40 dating needn’t be so hard. Toyboy Warehouse is a UK based dating website that understands the needs of women over 40 who are looking for a relationship – because it was designed for them. We believe older women are highly compatible with energetic younger men and that this combination can be great for both parties. This also makes it an excellent place for younger men to find the intelligent, beautiful older women that they desire.

How we became the dating best site for single women over 40, looking for love

The story of Toyboy Warehouse begins in the late 2000s, when toyboy dater and female entrepreneur Julia Macmillan decided to create a dating site for older women looking for younger men.  With the strength of her idea and like-minded community, soon the dating site was growing rapidly, connecting to people from wider and wider fields.

Meet women over 40 near you

There are many reasons why women over 40 have the most to offer. If you have any experience of it, you’ll know it has so many benefits. Women over 40 are confident and strong and often the hottest lovers. They are experienced, happy and satisfied with the person who they have become over their lives so far. They know what their best assets are, they don’t always “dress for age”, they dress to look and feel good. Don’t think what you’re only able to do, think outside the box.

Meet younger men near you

It’s easy to feel like online dating favours the young, but at Toyboy Warehouse that isn’t the case. Single women over 40 looking for love will find it here and have a lot more fun than they would dating an older man. Choose an over 40s dating site that knows what women really want and gives you lots of unique ways to flirt and make your move towards finding an interesting but mature younger man.

Singles that match your criteria Whether you’re looking for a younger man that’s much younger or just a few years difference, or an older woman that’s in her 40s, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Made to suit your needs We designed our site to make over 40s dating so much fun. Use our site to find new people, read our blog for advice tailored to your thoughts and requirements and attend our regular meetups.

All real, all the time These profiles have been moderated by our team to make sure they’re legitimate and well put together, so that you won’t waste any time with people who aren’t the real deal.

Your Stories of Over 40s Dating at Toyboy Warehouse:

“Having recently split from a partner, it seemed that everyone expected I should start dating a man older than myself. After being married to an older man for years, I couldn’t imagine anything less appealing. Then a friend showed me Toyboy Warehouse, a website that shows it’s OK to date based on attraction and not on what everyone else expects from you. Now I’m meeting these gorgeous younger men, I’ve no desire to turn back.” Alice, 43, Cheshire 

“Young women don’t attract me because of their immaturity. I dated casually but I remained single for years until I found a website where I could meet an older woman that matched my experienced but adventurous outlook on life. I was impressed by how many older women there really were on Toyboy Warehouse and how they’re all looking for a young man like me. I joined and quickly met an amazing woman, 15 years my senior, who has been changing my life for the better ever since. Thank you!” George, 30, Cambridge 

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