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Whether you’re looking for love in Kenley, Coombe or anywhere else in Croydon, Toyboy Warehouse is your no. 1 dating site for older women and younger men in the Croydon, London area.

Cougar dating in Croydon

Finding your perfect older woman in Croydon has never been easier. Sophisticated, alluring, mature women are waiting on Toyboy Warehouse for your messages, it’s simply a matter of joining to start your amazing journey.

Toyboy dating in Croydon

Croydon doesn’t only offer an excellent dating scene for the younger man. Older women looking for Toyboys in their area, looking to enjoy the maturity, experience and confidence that only a Cougar can offer is all available at Toyboy Warehouse.

How will you ever find that perfect younger man or older woman in Croydon? Here’s some tips.

Complete your profile: Nothing deters a potential partner more than an unfinished profile. Use this space to talk about yourself; your hobbies, interests, loves and hates. This is how visitors to your profile know you’re a like-minded person and whether starting a conversation is a good idea.

Make that first move: Research shows compared to women, men are more likely to send the initial message. If you’re a younger man looking for an older woman, use this to your advantage. Make your message stand out, mention a shared interest, or a hobby she does which you think is interesting. There is no one-size-fits-all first message, so really make a connection. For the older women, just because men are more likely to make the first move doesn’t mean you can’t. Show that confidence, that maturity. If you find that handsome crush, don’t be afraid to get the conversation started.

Enjoy: Dating isn’t supposed to be a chore, nor is it supposed to be a challenge. Talking to cougars and toyboys on Toyboy Warehouse is fun; don’t be afraid show your genuine side, be playful, be flirty. Enjoy yourself.

What reasons are there to join Toyboy Warehouse

Find your next crush: After signing up, you are free to search the Croydon area for that Toyboy or Cougar you’ve been waiting. Searching is free, so there’s no excuse to not find older women and younger men in Croydon.

Experience the hive of activity: From messages to events, winks to special cards, there is never a dull moment on Toyboy Warehouse. There’s no other way to see this for yourself than joining today.

Simple, safe and secure: Toyboy warehouse respects your online privacy, not only will we never share your details with third parties, but also all bank statements will be signed TBW.

Tips on finding love in Croydon

Younger men dating in Croydon

Cougars and toyboys are in Croydon, the only place to find them is at Toyboy Warehouse. You won’t need to endure a long journey by bus or train to reach that new partner. Toyboy and cougar dating in Croydon is an experience only available on Toyboy Warehouse.

Attractive older women or younger men are on your doorstep, join us at Toyboy Warehouse and begin that thrilling connection.

Older women dating in Croydon

Use Croydon to your advantage, when messaging maybe suggest a date Fairfield Halls, or a walk through Queens Gardens, or maybe catch Crystal Palace play at Selhurst Park. However you want to use Croydon for your dating experience is up to you, Toyboy Warehouse is here to make it happen.

So, what do our members from Croydon have to say about Toyboy Warehouse?

“I have always had a thing for the older woman, but I never thought I could find an attractive cougar in the typical bar dating scene. Then I found Toyboy Warehouse. Searching through alluring older women in Croydon, setting up conversations, sharing experiences with these wonderful women, I never thought I could have this much fun.” – Steven, 26, Upper Shirley.

“After divorcing my husband of 12 years, getting back  into the dating scene was a terrifying prospect. I would see so many sexy young men but I was too nervous to talk to any of them, I hadn’t had to chat anyone up for over a decade. I found many dating sites didn’t cater to the older women,  if you weren’t under 30 you had no chance. Toyboy Warehouse was the exception, I didn’t have to be ashamed of my age. Younger men were messaging me not the other way round! I am currently starting a new relationship and couldn’t be happier.” – Edna, 39, Purley.

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