Toyboy Warehouse is filled with confident, independent and fun loving people, passionate in their pursuit of truly desirable relationships. The addictive benefits of age gap dating is at the centre of an incredibly inspirational world of Toyboy Dating introduced and represented by the Toyboy Warehouse Ambassadors.

Cindy Gallop - Toyboy Warehouse Ambassador

Cindy | Toyboy Warehouse Ambassador

Founder of IfWeRanTheWorld and winner of Advertising Woman of the Year, New York based Cindy uses Toyboy Warehouse to meet younger men from the UK. Through the community Cindy finds the casual relationships she prefers with men described as ‘extremely high caliber’. She’s now making improving perceptions of love and sex her business with MakeLoveNotPorn. …
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True Love Started Online: James and Yet Wha’s Toyboy Warehouse Story

James & Yet Wha

Known publicly for Channel 5’s Age Gap Love, James and Yet Wha are the perfect couple since meeting on Toyboy Warehouse in 2012. Though they had to face challenges along the road to finding love: each saw past relationships fail, overcame personal challenges, but never looked back from their age gap romance...
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Jill Ambassador


While some older women are active pursuers, there are others who just can't help being attractive to younger men. Standing at less than 5 foot tall with blonde hair, curves and wiggle, Jill is a beautiful and mature pocket-rocket who could give Kylie a run for her money.
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Gaynor TBW Ambassador

Gaynor | Toyboy Warehouse Ambassadors

Spa days, massages, trips to the beautician .. dating a toyboy? For divorcée Gaynor, 54, having much-need 'me-time' means only one thing – love and fun with a younger man. But it took a colleague's push for her to rediscover her inner goddess.
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Mandy Ambassador

Mandy | Toyboy Warehouse Ambassadors

Starting over after a 20-year marriage is never easy. When Mandy separated from her husband, online sites were the easiest way to dip her toe back into dating again. But, as the messages came in from progressively older and older men, her heart sank...
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Julia | Toyboy Warehouse Ambassador

Founded Toyboy Warehouse in January 2007, at the age of 47, after discovering what was on offer in the online dating world was, in her view, very lacking.
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