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Can anyone remember life before lockdown? Or what it was like after weeks of flirting online to feel the excitement of going on a first date? To go to a nice restaurant and enjoy a lovely meal with a few drinks or maybe catch the latest must see film and muse about the twist at the end as you walk along the promenade?

While traditional dating may seem a distant memory and still no clear indication yet for when it will be okay for us to return to restaurants and cinemas, this doesn’t mean that dating has to stop.

Thanks to personal technology, the dating world has managed to thrive during the past couple of months, with interest in virtual dating continuing to rise. It is with this in mind that we have decided to recruit a collective of cougars and toyboys to test out a new virtual dating service and provide us with feedback to share with the rest of our members on what it is actually like to go on a virtual date.

Cougar dating site Toyboy Warehouse is giving participants £50 for trialling the service and rating the effectiveness of different kinds of virtual dates – like dinner, drinks and movie nights. The cost of dates, including food, drinks and film rentals/streaming services will also be covered, and who knows, you may also meet the new love of your life!

If you are interested in testing the service, and are female aged 35+ and male between the ages of 18-35, register now!

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With this being something many of you will have never tried before we have put together…

Toyboy Warehouse’s ultimate guide to virtual dating


We’re not talking fancy photoshoot lighting here, but if you could arrange the lighting so that the main light source hits your face from behind the camera it will appear a lot more natural and you will have a lovely glow about you, almost as if the sun is shining on a clear day. If the main light source comes from behind you however, it could end up casting shadows over your face, making it hard for the other person to see you clearly.


It’s super easy to trial this out before the date and find a position that works well for you. Remember that the camera acts as the other person’s eyes and if you were talking face to face you would ideally be talking at eye-level (or near enough due to height differences). By keeping the camera roughly at eye level you also avoid the risk of any awkward up-nostril shots and remove the worry of double chins being caught on camera!

The date could go on for quite a while and your arm could get quite tired if holding your phone for the entirety of it, try to find a way to prop it up on a table or create a makeshift stand out of books.

Testing out the camera angles beforehand will also reveal how you will actually appear on screen, notice how your makeup shows up slightly differently on a digital screen than in a mirror. Screens have a tendency to wash out colours, so by simply applying a blush to your cheeks you will add warmth and appear full of vibrancy.


If you’ve ever had a video call with work or with friends you will know how easy it is to keep glancing at yourself in the corner of the screen, try to avoid this. While it’s a great way of checking if your hair’s fallen out of place, it’s much more important to maintain good eye contact throughout the date and show an interest in the other person.

And don’t forget to smile!.. It may seem obvious, but sometimes we can be so preoccupied with ensuring that the video call is working smoothly and that everything looks okay that we can get distracted. Just relax and before you know it you will completely forget about the technicalities and enjoy falling into a natural conversation.


Just like going out for a real date; dress for the occasion. If you’ve arranged to do a cookalong it might be best to wear something more casual that you are comfortable moving around the kitchen in.

If you are planning on a nice drink though, it might be quite nice to put on your favourite dress for a change and to go all out for the occasion, because who knows when we will actually be able to go out and look this good in the real world!

A great perk for virtual dating is that nobody can see your shoes, so throw those high heels down and put on your favourite socks.

Finally Stay Safe

Although you may both already be in your respective homes, remember that this is still a first date, if you are ever uncomfortable with anything that is happening let the other person know. 

It’s also worth mentioning to not share your address or give out personal details while on a virtual date. Please also ensure that there are no identifiable items in the background of your shot (such as street signs through the window). 

If you ever feel like the date needs to end immediately, there’s no need for a dramatic exit in the middle of the restaurant either, with one simple click the date will be over!

Virtual Date Ideas

For many of us, a virtual date may be a completely new idea, however when you think about it, it doesn’t have to be that different from a traditional first date. The success of this service could even mean that when social distancing is no longer required, virtual dates are seen to be a viable alternative to meeting up for the first time in the real world. Just think about it; there is no need to worry about getting a taxi home and no need to listen to a couple long past their due argue at the table next to you!

Here are a couple of virtual versions of traditional first dates that we are excited to try out:

Virtually Cooking Together

A big part of dating and getting to know someone new is through shared experiences, by engaging with them and working together, this could break down any initial barriers and allow conversation to flow naturally. It could also get quite competitive with both of you trying to cook the same dish!

Surprise takeaway night

By the time you have plucked up the courage to ask someone on a date you will likely have a pretty good idea of their likes and dislikes. Ordering them a surprise takeaway that you think they will enjoy could prove to be quite the test of the relationship moving forward. Will it spark an instant connection with a joint love of fiery hot indian dishes? Or will it lead to a heated debate over the presence of pineapple on pizza?


Through programmes such as Netflix Party the two of you will be able to watch the same film at the same time, perfect for enjoying the jump scares of more tense films or laughing along to a good comedy. If you see this moving beyond a first date, you could take the risky move of starting a series together, and if you decided to go with something with a lot of episodes like Breaking Bad, who knows, by the time you finish it, you may even be able to go on a real date together.

Cocktail Class

We all know that a little alcohol goes a long way on a first date, so why not keep things casual by recommending a cocktail that you think is ideal for them and then enjoy mixing one up before relaxing into a comfortable conversation. 


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