The Most Eagerly Anticipated Romance and Erotic Novels of 2016 (Part 1)

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Toyboy Warehouse - 9 Geeky Date Ideas
Dating a man or woman with ideas of their own? Is a trip to see The Hunger Games followed by TGIFridays just not gonna cut it? Here are some top “geeky” date ideas to entertain the sexy intellectual in your life. Go To Your Local Trivia Night  What do intelligent people enjoy doing? Flexing what […]
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Couple silhouette breaking up a relation
Every relationship will have it’s ups and downs. Sadly there comes a time for many when it looks like everything is going to end entirely. But there’s a big difference between a little hiccup and a full break up. Here are some signs that your relationship is seriously not working out and it might be […]
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Toyboy Warehouse - My Cougar Confession
In the nine months or so I’ve been on Toyboy Warehouse I’ve told only a handful of friends about it (including my two grown-up kids).  I kind of knew all along what was holding me back, sniffing the possibility of disapproval in the air; the judgement of those who believe I should live by the creed of what they think a […]
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older woman smiling
A recent article from, discussing the results of a survey carried out by another dating site, suggests that women will go no lower than four years and nine months below their own age. Similarly, men were rarely interested in partners more than four years and ten months older than they are. It strikes me as […]
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woman thinking about whether or not size really matters
I’ve been pondering this since I’d started dating again: does size really matter? Now, I’m not limiting this to just penises, but the whole package. If asked what kind of man I go for, I’d shrug and say I don’t really have a type. So long as our minds connect, I don’t care what you […]
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Love or online dating concept heart shape symbol on laptop keyboard
I hear from other women who date younger men that they often stay attracted to a particular age group, and this whole issue of attraction renders me curious. I’m fairly fixed in my habit of dating younger men, and have pretty well accepted that, as it’s been the case for almost 20 years now. Personally, […]
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Fine art photo of a glamour woman
As we approach All Hallow’s Eve and the witching hour, I thought I would reflect upon an ancient concept, one which although archaic, is is still held sacred by some today. Sex Magic (or Magick) however it may be spelled, is the idea that there is a special power attached to the primal sex drive […]
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Toyboy Warehouse - 5 secrets about toyboys that no one wants you to know
Did you know that dating a toyboy is a fast-acting cure for the common cold? Or perhaps that the scientist that discovered electricity had a thing for older women? OK these things aren’t strictly true but there are some serious benefits to dating younger men that you shouldn’t wait any longer to enjoy.   1. […]
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Man kissing on woman's cheek in bedroom
We’ve all been there, a hot younger man appears and with him an instant smile across your face. Is it just a one-off or should you go younger for good? Compare yourself to this list of signs you’re in fact a cougar and I’ll let you decide…   1. You don’t ‘feel your age’ ‘Age […]
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