Toyboy Warehouse member Gaynor Evans hits the headlines with her toyboy antics

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Elegant rider
Tackling the age old question of size versus performance is always a bit of a minefield. As a woman I can only speak from the perspective of being on the receiving end and as their appendage is a man’s pride and joy you have to bear in mind that any criticism will really get them […]
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Couple kissing at the bench at alley.
Valentine’s Day came and went quietly in my house. I spent it with the love of my life who gave me a handmade card of a single heart — the six year-old version of minimalist style. As usual, Commercial Love Day was everywhere I went, and plastered all over the Internet. Everyone was urged to […]
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Hands writing on old typewriter over wooden background
Romancing the Boy Mar 07, 2016 Men and romance? With V-day come and gone Lillian Long takes a look at lovey-dovey romance, do men actually like romance? Are there special kinds of romance that men like? Maybe you’re trying to think of a thoughtful way to show a man in your life that you care. […]
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Beautiful young sexy teacher
I blame Anne Bancroft. There she was, looking like a sexually sublime schoolmistress in The Graduate, asking the gauche Dustin Hoffman “Would you like me to seduce you?”, and the die was cast. All older woman can teach younger men how to become better in bed, a fact which arrives in the post along with […]
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The age of my playmates has never been before a topic of discussion, as in, “Isn’t he a bit young?”. I bring it up now because there was a brief flurry of a discussion on social media about not dating people under 28 as they’re not “serious enough”. The eyebrow went up and the lips […]
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Eastender Title
Want to feature this infographic on your site? Simply add this code: <img alt="cougar dating" src="" width="600" height="1500" /></a> Start your own exciting story. Join the UK’s largest dating and relationship site for older women and younger men.
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portrait of attractive teenage girl with finger on lips
I find online dating one part intriguing and two parts mystifying. Mystifying in that I’m still not sure what the protocol is when it comes to communicating electronically. As one young man exclaimed the other night, “You actually remember a time without the internet!” Yes, young Padawan*, I most certainly do. However, I married very […]
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