Ask The Experts: “It’s my first date with a cougar’

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Thumbs down
Not everyone’s right for us. Can you take rejection gracefully? One of the good things about growing older and feeling more comfortable in one’s own skin is discovering the ability to say no. Many of us ladies have been taught to be people-pleasers from the year dot; do you want to be loved, little girl? […]
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We’re pleased to announce Toyboy Warehouse Blog has won Best Dating Company Blog at the UK Blog Awards 2016. Hosted at Park Plaza, Westminster the UK Blog Awards brought together the biggest and best bloggers throughout the country. The awards celebrates a wide range of blogs, from photography to lifestyle, food and drink to travel. […]
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body builder flexing his back
“How far can a ripped torso take a film?” asked one article on the new Tarzan film.  Then there was this little gem from Buzzfeed  about Italian water polo players. And that hilarious Descendants of the Sun promo. Believe it or not, I was quite unmoved by all these displays of male physical perfection. I appreciated them, but. Attractiveness is […]
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If you haven’t experienced it yet, we’d like to take to this opportunity to introduce you to Toyboy Warehouse Events. Toyboy Warehouse has the UK’s biggest dating community exclusively for older women and younger men. So who better to host fantastic Singles’ Evenings throughout the country? Toyboy Warehouse has hosted loads of events and each […]
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In my last blog I pointed out the 4 top differences between Romantic Duo and online dating platforms. If you haven’t read it yet I encourage you to do so.   Last time, I pointed out that Matchmaking is still a little-known term and for this reason I decided to tell you a bit more […]
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